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COMBATTING STRESS AND ANXIETY in challenging times...

Here are some videos that I think may be helpful during the Coronavirus Restricted Lifestyle, we are all currently living. A build up of stress and anxiety affects mind, which affects your spirit and also manifests in your body.

I will be regularly updating this page with further videos that you may find helpful in managing your stress and anxiety levels.

This information can also be found on my Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/equilibrium.massage.manchester

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(31/5/2020) Guided Meditations can be a great way to be lead into a more grounded state and turn off from any emotional stresses.

Just pick a meditation, dependent on your needs, plug in your earphones and close your eyes, then PLAY...

I have found some great guided meditations on this playlist, which have helped make my days better during lockdown. Hope they can help you too...

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(27/5/2020) Breath is a very simple way to re-connect with your body, heal and transform your mood...

Here are some different breathing techniques for you to try. See how you feel after practising them. Decide which is the most beneficial and just take a few minutes each day to practise and help make your body and mind feel more grounded and stabilised...

The best time for breathing exercises are first thing in the morning, before breakfast. Also, later in the day, before meals (not directly after them, leave 2hrs after eating).

Enjoy the simplicity and powerfulness of some of these techniques, that anyone can practise... xx

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(28/4/2020) Some you have been asking me about Self Massage, in these times where a proper massage by another, is not currently possible...

This a great video for showing you massage techniques all over the body, introducing acupressure points and no oil is needed!

Great way to help loosen your limbs and find those points which help deeply relax you... have fun! :-)


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(28/4/2020) Some soothing sound therapy for you, involving Tibetan bowls and Gongs. This is great for grounding, calming and bringing you back into your body, if you are feeling anxious or over thinking a situation.

Just plug in your headphones, close your eyes and immerse yourself in the healing quality and resonances of these beautiful natural sounds...


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(17/4/2020) For a more simpler, gentler meditation, using breath work...

Simply turn down the lighting, plug in your earphones and close your eyes...

I find his voice very soothing and the music very relaxing...


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(17/4/2020) Breath is vital and important to be truly aware of.

Being more mindful and guiding your breath can really help your whole body, mind and spirit through times of greater anxiety.

Here are some great techniques for releasing stress and anxiety through breath work...


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(17/4/2020) FOAM ROLLING! (a great alternative body massage workout)

A great way to give your muscles a kind of massage, work out and help loosen stiffness and work your knots out. I use one of these daily after heating up the muscles... that could be a run, a fast walk, a very warm bath/shower or just laying in the sunshine for a while!

Do not use foam rollers when your muscles are cold and not warmed up, as you could cause yourself an injury.

Foam rollers can easily be purchased online at very reasonable prices. The smooth roller is the best for overall body use. The knobbly ones are more challenging and designed to get into areas where you have muscle knots.

Be careful when you have very tight or knotty muscles, when using the foam roller (especially the knobbly one). Take long, slow deep breaths, move your body over the foam roller slowly and press into the muscle as you breath out.

Warming up the body and foam rolling every day is a great way to keep your body (and therefore mind) balanced during these testing, restricted times. They are a great alternative to getting a massage until I am open to give you a proper treatment again.




Page last updated: 31st May, 2020